Best Star Wars Novels

Best Star Wars NovelsI’ve been a Star Wars fan ever since I was a little kid. I was young when Episode I came out, and I was first in line at the theater for Episode VII and Rogue One. But there is so much more to the Star Wars Universe than just the movies. The games, comics, and books all work with the movies to tell a story, the scope of which is far greater than a 2 hour movie can convey. If you want your kids (or yourself!) to spend less time in front of the screen, consider checking out one of the many Star Wars novels from your bookstore! I’ll mostly be listing books written after 2014, as these are considered part of the canon Star Wars universe.

Rogue One: Catalyst 

If you want to know more about the magnificent and terrifying Death Star and the men behind creating it, I have the book for you. Catalyst focuses on the relationship of Director Krennic and Galen Erso, both main characters in the 2016 Rogue One movie. Galen is a brilliant engineer who was tricked by Imperial Director Orson Krennic into building the laser on the Death Star. It gives more context to the movie, and acts like a prequel to set up the action. It’s one of the best books in the new canon.

Inferno Squad

This novel was mostly written to set up the story mode of the new Battlefront II game, but it is a worthwhile novel of its own right. It tells the story of a secret Imperial special forces group who are tasked with taking down really violent rebels. They are the fittest, smartest, and best the Empire has to offer. They are so athletic that they inspired me to visit Peak Striker to pick up a racquet and spend some time outside, getting more fit myself! Books really can have a good influence on people.

Lost Stars

I’ve saved the best for last; Lost Stars is universally acknowledged to be the best book in the new canon. It tells the story of Thane and Ciena, two young children on a backwater world at the start of the Empire. They grow up together, join the Empire, and fight the rebellion and keep order. They train with the best in the Imperial Academy. You may not be able to train as hard as they do, but I’ve found playing tennis gives you a workout worthy of the Empire! Just as long as you have the right racquets for the game. However, over time they grow disillusioned with the Empire’s methods of dealing with people, and start to see the cruelty of the Emperor. Lost Stars is a romance, adventure, and science fiction novel all in one.

Star Wars is bigger than a series of movies. It is a universe filled with characters and stories too big to fit into a movie. The novels are the best way to dive into the massive pool of characters!